Rakesh Minocha Lab

Welcome to the lab of Rakesh Minocha, Ph.D 

Current lab members:

Dr. Rakesh Minocha , Plant Biochemist/Physiologist, USDA Forest Service

Dr. Thangavel Palaniswamy, Visiting Scientist, USDA Forest Service

Key research interests:  Assessment of soil quality and phytoremediation of heavy metals in contaminated soils. Currently, I am working in phytochelatins as a bioindicator of environmental stress in different tree species.



Dr. Sridevi Ganapathi

Stephanie Long , Biological Technician, USDA Forest Service



Yeuh-Chin Chang



Lindsey Lemire

Ben Lyons, USDA Undergraduate



Tania DiVirgilio



Alyssa Reid  

Matt Power


All lab members can be reached by mail at USDA Forest Service, NERS, P.O. Box 640, 271 Mast Road, Durham NH 03824

Telephone:  603-868-7622              Fax: 603-868-7604

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